Integrated Risk Management

RISK can be defined as “any threat or opportunity that can potentially prevent a corporate from meeting its objectives.”
As a probability function, risk is the chance of the occurrence of adverse outcomes.
In a business environment an organisation faces risk mainly in the forms of:

  • Demographic or economic pressures
  • Mere reliance on processes and technology
  • Changing legislation and
  • Compliance requirements enforced by regulatory authorities.

Risk Management is the science and art of balancing danger and opportunity, the challenge faced by businesses is to pursue the opportunity while minimizing or controlling the dangers associated with it. To be able to manage risks it is important to first identify the risk scenario and assess the ‘amount’ of risk faced by the business; once the risk has been identified and measured it needs to be ‘treated’ or ‘mitigated’ to acceptable levels.

Assessment of risk is usually accomplished by qualitative analysis as it is difficult to quantify the asset beyond its intrinsic price. Unfortunately qualitative analysis has a drawback as it is more subjective in nature. To minimize the subjectivity in assessment and to improve consistency a Risk Management Framework is essential.


UNI assists in developing a Comprehensive Risk Assessment Framework that supports all business functions. Our holistic but modular approach allows you to leverage our services; either in an end-to-end or modular manner; to design, to transform and to sustain Risk Management.

Our efforts focus on :

  • Risk Identification
  • Risk Evaluation and Measurement
  • Framework for Risk Controlling
  • Risk Reporting / Risk MIS
  • Defining KRI’s (Key Risk Indicators) for your business
  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk based Internal Audit Services
  • Governance Advisory
  • Risk review workshops
  • Training of Risk Champions
  • Fraud Risk Management Services
  • Development of SOPs for Risk Management


  • We assist in developing Risk Management Frameworks that are based on COSO Standards and simple enough to use.
  • We have the expertise to implement Integrated Risk Solutions for NBFCs / Organisations.