Operations Management

Operations Management focuses on carefully managing the processes that produce and distribute a Company’s Products and Services. A great deal of focus is on Efficiency and Effectiveness of Processes. Therefore, Operations Management often includes substantial measurement and analysis of existing internal processes. Ultimately, the nature of how Operations Management is carried out in an organization depends very much on the availability of the category of the products or services.

UNI has expertise in a broad range of products for rural, urban and semi-urban markets. Most NBFCs have the objective of having a sizeable Market presence. Operating in these markets with the correct processes and policies creates a permanent and positive effect which bears fruits in the future. Processes are made by people but they should not be ‘people-centric’.

Our expertise in Business Process Reengineering and streamlining of policies and processes of an Organisation or Institution help to unlock their true potential and fully utilize their scarce resources. 


  • Compiling SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) & Policy manuals
  • Process Evaluation / Mapping / Activity Flowchart
  • Streamlining the process for reduction in Disbursement Process time.
  • Cash and Bank Management.
  • Document Compliance Management.
  • Designing MIS Report.
  • Compliance of Statutory requirement at Branch Level.
  • Filling and Record keeping at Branch Level.
  • Branch Administration.
  • Inventory Management.


  • Reconciliation of Loan Portfolio
  • Defining methodologies for avoiding early delinquency.


  • We have Experience in compiling, preparing and maintaining an internal business process documents i.e. Standard Operating Procedures - SOP.
  • We also have practical experience in Advisory services on Collection and Delinquency.